The Ultimate Search Engine

Making the Jeep dream tangible.

Year: 2012


project overview

We were tasked with the digital competition for the Jeep "Ultimate Search Engine" campaign. The marketing objective was to increase the number of Facebook followers and brand advocates for Jeep Australia.

  • Users were able to enter using Facebook Login, or their email credentials.
  • Leveraged Google Maps API for the address input, map and street view images.
  • Once the user had input their address, they were provided with a video of a Jeep falling out of the sky and landing in front of their house on Google street view.
  • They could move, scale, spin and change the colour of the Jeep.
  • Once they were happy with the Jeep's position, the user was able to take a photo which was added to a gallery of images on the Facebook competition page.
  • As a secret surprise, we then sent out postcards which had the house and Jeep to the competition entrants!

Role & Responsibilities

  • Creative direction
  • UI / UX / interaction design
  • Stakeholder management & engagement

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