The Silver Box project

Providing elderly Australians with meaningful connections & social support.

Year: 2016


Silver Chain provides a number of community, clinical and health care services to more than 45,000 people in their homes and communities each year. It assists the elderly, people with acute illness, disabilities and injuries through services such as palliative care, nursing, home hospital and allied health care.

This project was done via the Ideo "Ideas to Action" design thinking online course, alongside hundreds of other participants around the world.

  • Design thinking case study and self-directed project.
  • Self-directed project, leveraging the Ideo design thinking method.
  • Includes contextual interviews and physical prototyping.
  • The empathy and ideation stages identified that a non-digital product was the best approach for the end user.


  • Lead UI / UX designer
  • User interviews, ideation, prototyping.

KEY highlight

  • Voted #1 project overall, and featured in the Ideo course email.

Voted no.1 project in the IDEO course

Featured project in the IDEO course email

Feature project in the IDEO course email.

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