Teaching young men to be listeners

Creating conversations & saving lives.

Year: 2016


project overview

Many men have trouble talking about their problems. The Lighthouse Project was the first outcome from a number of workshops initiated at Youth Focus through the Young Men’s Project. Its goal is to to help start conversations about mental illness by creating practical ways to save each other’s lives.

A lighthouse tattoo design was created as a beacon for men who may be dealing with mental illness. When you wear the mark of the lighthouse, you are identifying yourself as someone who will listen to, and look out for, a mate in need.

The website was created as a central hub where young men could download the tattoo design, learn how to support and listen to others, find events, become an ambassador, and simply find someone to talk to.

  • A pro-bono project for YouthFocus.
  • Prior to my involvement in the project, Meerkats worked with 110 young men, strengthening the belief that direct target audience engagement is a powerful methodology to impact on behavioural change amongst young people.
  • The whole agency became strong supporters for the project. One of our Art Directors actually had the lighthouse tattooed on his arm to show his support!

Role & Responsibilities

  • Lead UI / UX designer
  • Creative direction
  • Wireframing & prototyping

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